The STEP Mission Statement

"To minimize the educational gap in Taiwan by connecting student volunteers with those living in Taiwan’s disadvantaged communities"

Our mission states that our priority is to serve, to the best of our abilities, in-need Taiwanese communities. It serves as our guiding ideals and inspirational vision for our student volunteers. It continually reminds us that our efforts can make a difference in communities close to our historical and cultural roots. 


OUr Mission

STEP is the parent organization responsible for overseeing the planning, designing, fundraising, and implementation of summer educational programs in different disadvantaged communities in Taiwan. We believe that these actions will help mitigate the educational gap issue in Taiwan.  

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, STEP creates a network of student leaders who come together to coordinate and teach educational summer camps and programs. Through the STEP summer camp, students from all across United States college system have the chance to volunteer a few weeks of their summer to directly work and teach in disadvantaged communities in Taiwan. STEP also funds and assists with English enrichment programs, allowing for these schools to have access to free and powerful educational tools throughout the school year.