What We Do

STEP programs are for Taiwanese students in rural communities of various academic levels between elementary and middle school. STEP's mission is to foster academic skills, growth, and motivation underserved students to improve their understanding on core subjects and increase their opportunities to attend top high school/college programs. STEP offers annual community-based STEP summer camps and a year-long English Enrichment program. 

We know that a sustainable and flexible approach is needed to tackle the educational gap issue in rural Taiwanese communities. With our mission in mind, STEP seeks to extend a helping hand through both direct and indirect approaches. We focus our resources and volunteers on directly serving schools in these communities, connecting and facilitating communications between school and students, and fundraising and managing these funds. 

  • Education

The STEP summer camp allows students from disadvantaged communities to continue their learning during the summer. STEP volunteers host educational programs that instruct students on English, science, and math. The students are given the opportunity to catch up in coursework or review material for the upcoming school year with a team of passionate STEP volunteers. Beyond summer, STEP also spearheads an English Enrichment program throughout the school year for the students.

To maintain camps of the highest standards, STEP recruits, trains, and coordinates volunteers from across the United States. Though education is our main focus, we hope that our outreach programs can address many of the specific needs of these disadvantaged communities. 

  • Communication

Communication is integral for STEP to achieve its mission of helping students from disadvantaged Taiwanese communities. We team up with leaders in education and tutors who have worked with the students throughout the year so that programs that best suit the students' needs can be created prior to the arrival of the volunteers. 

We also focus on the facilitating the communication between students across the United States such that advocacy for STEP's cause can be achieved. This also allows us to bring together best and brightest volunteers together to help with our STEP programs. Finally, we track the success of the students we reached out to and review feedback from our outreach work such that STEP can continue to grow to become more efficient. 

  • Funding

To achieve our ultimate goals, funding is needed to support STEP's logistical and operational expenses. Whether it be purchasing supplies for a science experiment or for the living costs for student volunteers, all funds go towards our mission of serving underprivileged communities through education. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, STEP manages the STEP fund and coordinates its distribution. This fund is only made possible by fundraising and donations by our generous donors and sponsors.