What We Do

Mission Statement: 

"To minimize the educational gap in Taiwan by connecting volunteers with students living in Taiwan’s disadvantaged communities"

Every single day, we remain inspired and in awe of the incredible kids we have reached through our programs. From experiencing first-hand the warmth and love that is fostered by the connection we share not only with the kids but with their entire community, we strive to work harder than ever to make a difference. Boyo provides a second home for the kids; STEP provides the big brothers and sisters who mentor and motivate them



At STEP, we strive to foster high quality education in Taiwanese rural communities for academic levels between elementary and middle school. Through sustainable and constructive academic programs, we aim to motivate students in their pursuit of higher education while simultaneously improve their understanding of core subjects. Ultimately, STEP endeavors to bridge Taiwan’s infamous educational gap through both direct and indirect approaches.

STEP will be helping students in rural Taiwan experience a quality educational program provided by well-equipped and passionate college students. They will focus on enhancing the students' English communication capabilities through in-class activities focusing on speaking, reading, and writing skills.



As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, STEP creates a network of volunteers who come together to coordinate and teach educational summer camps and programs. Through the STEP summer camp, college students from all across the United States have the chance to volunteer a few weeks of their summer to directly work and teach in disadvantaged communities in Taiwan. STEP also funds and assists with English enrichment programs, providing the schools access to free powerful educational tools throughout the school year. 

Currently, many Taiwanese students living in the city and suburban areas have access to a plethora of educational resource including after-school programs, clubs, and tutors. However, in several rural and mountainous areas of Taiwan, many primary and secondary schools lack sufficient access to the human and physical resources necessary to provide strong, year-long educational programs. They struggle with low wages, high teacher turnover, and technological deficits. As a result, Taiwan has one of the highest gaps in level of education and student test scores between urban and rural students for a developed Asian country.

Data and graph taken from Programme for International Student Assessment

Data and graph taken from Programme for International Student Assessment



Directly, we collaborate with local organizations to host summer and winter camps to provide students with a unique out-of-classroom learning experience to ignite their passion for learning by showing them how their education can be applicable in daily life. In addition, STEP works on generating online English material, including audiobooks and newsletters, that are openly accessible to more than three thousand students in rural communities of Taiwan.

Indirectly, as a 501c3 non-profit organization, STEP manages, raises, and coordinates the distribution of funds donated by generous donors and sponsors. All funds go towards our mission of serving underprivileged communities of Taiwan. Whether it is through supporting the logistical and operational expenses generated by STEP’s programs or through financing students’ academic endeavors, we pool our resources to best serve these deserving communities.