The STEP camp is a three-week educational summer camp for children in disadvantaged communities in Taiwan held in early July and runs throughout the entire month. 

STEP partners with local teachers, who work everyday to close the education gap between urban and rural areas of Taiwan, to counteract the trend of underprivileged children being academically behind because of their environment. These leaders in education operate after-school tutoring program that provides help to students during the school year. With the STEP camp, we pick up on the momentum that these teachers have established and maintain it over the student's summer vacation.

The first and foremost goal for STEP would focus on creating a well-developed curriculum that would most efficiently help students improve their ability to communicate in English and their other core academic subjects. We work with the help of local volunteers who work year-round with the students. STEP utilizes testing data and personal accounts from these volunteers to accurately gauge the student's learning level and pinpoint weak areas that the students need help on. This information is communicated to STEP volunteers for months leading up to the camp to help with brainstorming and, eventually, designing for the curriculum. 

a day in the life of a step camp volunteer

  • Wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and discuss the day's lesson plans with group members. 
  • Students start arriving and sign-in at 9 a.m. Classes begin soon after!
  • Volunteers teach three, 50 minute periods for English classes in reading, writing, and speaking. 
  • 12:00 lunch time is munch time with students. 
  • After a short break, students go through a rotation of either one-on-one tutorials, arts and craft, or science experiments! 
  • At 3:00, all the students go onto the field for sports and activities with the volunteers. 
  • Students go home at 5:00, ready to rest and start a new day tomorrow. 
  • Dinner is served at 6:00 and goes along with a short meeting reviewing the day's success/places for improvement.