An Introduction to STEP Camps

STEP camps are established upon the passion of college students to provide a better English education for children who lack resources to do so. Camps will immerse children in an English-speaking environment with a strong focus on learning.

From interacting with English-speaking college students to exercising different aspects of the English language, STEP camps strive not only to create an unforgettable summer experience, but also ensure that students walk away with greater proficiency in English.  The core curriculum of STEP camps focus primarily on practical English and those that will appear on the student's upcoming standardized tests. We put a lot of emphasis on encouraging our children to be fearless in their use of English and be confident English learners!

Though our main focus is on English, STEP also provides students an overall fun and immersive way to learn during the summer. STEP volunteers lead out in arts and crafts, science experiments, and sport activities so that the students have an amazing camp experience. Our classes, all designed by STEP volunteers, are tailored to the needs of the students. The whole program provides these students a unique opportunity to get an excellent summer education and develop a passion for learning. 


STEP currently runs two annual camps:

STEP Summer Camps

STEP Winter Camps