Three Pillars, One Focus

STEP adheres to our three pillars when serving the rural communities of Taiwan. We believe that these three ideals encompass our goals, beliefs, and motivation of why we serve. 



STEP will be helping students in rural Taiwan experience a quality educational program provided by well-equipped and passionate college students. They will focus on enhancing the students' English communication capabilities through in-class activities focusing on speaking, reading, and writing skills.


Members of STEP are striving to serve their community through contributing to the cultivation society's future generations. We aim to equip students with the necessary English communication capabilities that would ultimately help broaden their horizons, integrate them into the global community, and provide them with the confidence to take on the world.


STEP aims to build a strong connection between Taiwanese American students studying abroad in the United States and the land and culture that shaped them. Furthermore, we wish to contribute to helping students in rural Taiwan build a firm English foundation that would ultimately connect them with the rest of the world.