Global News and Translation


The world at their fingertips

"Have you been to the White House?"

Henry was only 7 years old and rarely left the village high in the mountains of Nantou, let alone Taiwan. Yet, his insatiable thirst for information about the world outside his own impressed a STEP volunteer. 

We often take for granted how accessible information is now with the advent of advanced digital technology. But for many of the children living in rural areas of Taiwan, global news is not as accessible and digestible. Lengthy and complex articles of global news discourage young children from approaching the topics in the first place.

This is our solution. Every week STEP volunteers, from college across the U.S., give a little of their time to help abridge and translate articles from major global news outlet. These shortened packages of information capture a snapshot of what of current events, global trends, and general information. Over 2,000 students in 15 of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation's centers can access these articles through an online portal. Students are encouraged to read the 100~150 word shorts with their daily readings. 


"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." -Kofi Annan

STEP provides the tools necessary to expand the global horizon's of thousands of children. Many of the news, picked specifically by educational advisors, inspire the students to be resilient, when they read about someone who prevailed from adversity, and encourage them to help others, when they hear of those supporting each other. For many of the children, the news is also a source of creativity and knowledge.