Being Different to Make a Difference

STEP is the first non-profit organization focusing on connecting Taiwanese American and other college undergraduates to children of rural areas in Taiwan in hopes of closing the education gap in Taiwan. 

  • We are completely student-run
  • Funded by small donations and sponsors who support our vision and goals
  • Prepare our STEP camps months in advance with local teachers to ensure a quality camp that will make a lasting, meaningful impact
  • Measure the achievements of the students before and after the camp to track progress and improve our camps for the future
  • Build volunteers who become leaders through action 
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STEP is a completely student-run non-profit organization and does not spend any money on administrative costs. Whether it be school supplies or travelling costs, one hundred percent of all donations and fundraising go towards supporting the annual STEP camp. 

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An accomplished and enthusiastic board of directors who share our mission oversee the Students for Taiwanese Educational Progress. We team up with the most experienced local teachers to truly understand the needs of the students. Our partners have had decades of experience in working in these disadvantaged communities.



STEP builds leaders. People who want to be great leaders must embrace an attitude of service to others. Volunteers not only get the chance to meet other incredibly talented college students during the three weeks, but also be role models who engage and inspire young children.