how much would volunteering at a step camp cost?

Besides plane tickets, all expenses for the volunteering at the STEP camp are essentially covered. Housing, insurance, and travel costs will be completely covered by the STEP fund. With the exception of a few meals during traveling and training, most food costs will also be covered. Students are encouraged to bring some spending money on this trip.

How big are the step camps?

The size of the camp depends on the size of the school and the number of students from the community who sign up for the camp. We typically look for schools with 80~100 students from grades one to six. Each camp will be staffed by 20~25 volunteers. 

I'm not Taiwanese, can i still apply?

Yes! STEP invites everyone from all backgrounds to join our family! Our only requirement is that you have to be fluent in English and enrolled in a U.S. university (undergraduate or gradate). 

Where will other STEP volunteers be from?

That depends, really. All students from all universities are encouraged to apply to join our STEP camp. Only the most qualified applicants 20~25 are chosen to be in a year's program.