Students for Taiwanese Educational Progress (STEP) is about Making a Difference

There is an educational gap issue in students in rural areas of Taiwan

Currently, many Taiwanese students living in the city and suburban areas have access to a plethora of educational resources: after-school programs, clubs, and tutors to name a few. However, in several rural and mountainous areas of Taiwan, many primary and secondary schools lack sufficient access to the human and physical resources necessary to provide strong, year-long educational programs. As a result, Taiwan has one of the highest gaps in level of education and student test scores between city-dwelling students and students in rural areas for a developed Asian country. 

STEP is a non-profit organization that Directly helps schools in rural communities

At STEP, we believe that the children in these rural areas should not be left behind. The advancement of education has grown to become essential in the current world for success. It can be used to overcome barriers in life and help open doors to more and better opportunities. 

As an organization, STEP hopes to empower children in rural communities through education with the ultimate goal of running programs in every single underprivileged community in Taiwan.


Our programs are entirely focused on the needs of the students. With an annual STEP summer camp, we take on the student's learning during the summer, allowing students to catch up in coursework or review material for the upcoming school year.

Our year-long English enrichment program provides students access to free learning resources and allows us to continually help these students throughout the school year.

As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, STEP focuses on connecting college student leaders across the United States to create impactful and sustainable change in order to serve those in need. We oversee all planning, designing, fundraising, and implementating aspects of the these programs. 

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.
— Sydney J. Harris

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, STEP is the first group focused on connecting Taiwanese Americans to help those from their cultural and historical roots.

 100% of all donations and fundraising goes to Students for Taiwanese Educational Progress projects. Because we are completely student operated, not a single penny is spent on administrative costs.

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Focused on academics, activities, and personal growth, STEP camps are fun, educational, and entirely run by student volunteers! Our flagship program bring summer learning to communities that otherwise lack access to such programs. 

Want to learn more about STEP camps and how we're building and connecting tomorrow's leaders for today's problems? 

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STEP works with Outreach for Taiwan as a support program to help build their community of Taiwan caring-individuals in America. While OFT does not help provide education to Taiwanese students, it does something that we hope all STEP volunteers will take a part of: building a connection to Taiwan.

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